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About Schools Offices Services Ltd. 

Schools Offices Services Ltd was founded in 2003 by Richard O’Neill and is a family owned and managed cleaning and maintenance company based in Islington. The company specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of mainstream and special needs schools, academies, colleges and children’s centres and has considerable experience and understanding of the particular needs of this client group.

Our Vision.

The company is a modern and innovative cleaning & maintenance contractor.

We aim to be  to be ethical, safe & environmentally responsible  at all times, offering a high quality service in all we do.


New staff are interviewed and vetted thoroughly by an experienced interviewer with enhanced  DBS checks being conducted in all cases. Staff wear corporate clothing to be readily identifiable and carry identification at all times. Details of our operatives and relevent DBS details are readily made available to the building's nominated person.


The environmental impact of our cleaning products has been reduced by engaging a team of chemists to produce superior products that require less use. These are designed to help prevent cross contamination and have proven highly effective in all areas.


 We are one of the first in the South East of England to offer the MobiWatch® MaxiBIO aerosol disinfection system to eliminate micro-organisms. This involves a pressurised solution being automatically sprayed via a dry-mist nozzle into an unoccupied room over a short period of decontamination, to leave a long-lasting, sterile and residue free environment.


Being locally based in Islington offers many practical benefits for our clients in the nearby areas including better access to senior management and the opportunity for face to face meetings. It enables us to recruit staff locally to the  building concerned, bringing greater flexibility and reliability of service provision, the speedier resolution of any occurring problems and the reduction of parking, congestion and transport  within the local borough.


Company Profile.

Schools Offices Services Ltd has gained a reputation for providing a reliable, efficient, cost effective, high quality and personal service. New contracts are mainly gained through ‘word of mouth’ recommendation and the company now employs around 200+ staff.


The company is the appointed cleaning and also maintenance contractor to a number of schools and academies and has built up a strong partnership with the premises’ staff to meet the needs of these buildings. At times of unforeseen difficulty for building staff the company continues to provide support within the clients' budgetary constraints.


Alongside our experience with traditional buildings we enjoy the fresh challenges that new buildings bring with their varied work patterns, style and floor space, together with the new technologies and designs that are being introduced.


Our training centre in Islington aims to have all  our cleaning operatives trained and assessed to a high standard by experienced  trainers and assessors.


The company is  ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) & OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management) accredited and we are also members of SAFEcontractor.




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